The Rachel Wrap Dress – The grey edition

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I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait until winter is finally over. I am more than ready to store away my down coat, my boots and my gloves! The only good thing about winter is the fact, that you can wear lovely, long sleeved jersey dresses.



When I first started sewing, I read many stories about how difficult it was to sew with jersey, how shifty the fabric was and that you needed a special ballpoint needle or even better, a serger. I was intimidated and stayed clear of said fabric until last year, when I was gifted a serger for Christmas, by my Mister and my lovely mum. Needless to say, all those horror stories were complete and utter rubbish! Jersey is such an easy fabric to work with and most garments can be sewn up in a matter of hours.

I discovered the Maria Denmark Rachel Wrap Dress last summer, I was looking for a beginner friendly pattern, and after reading many reviews I decided to give it a try and was very, very impressed. The entire pattern consists of 4 pattern pieces, you have to add a seam allowance, Maria does tell you how to do this and you have to make your own ties, by using the neckband, which sounds much more tedious than it actually is.


I chose this fantastic Premium Jersey from Minerva Crafts in Charcoal, which is not quite as thick as Ponte Roma but definitely thicker than normal weight jersey. The fabric has a great drape to it and is soft and best of all doesn’t pill even after I’ve washed it 5 times!!! For this version, I lengthened the shoulder by 1 inch and graded the arm cycle accordingly. For the ties, I just used the pattern piece for the neckband and lengthened it by 5 inches. As the jersey has the same color on both sides and has a nice weight I didn’t bother using any interfacing, so far neither the neck band nor the ties have stretched out. I did sew some clear elastic band into the shoulder seam to stabilize it, something I always do when I sew with knits. I sewed the dress on my sewing machine using a narrow zigzag stitch that looks more like a thunderbolt and finished all the seams on my serger. Easy Peasy!


The dress turned out exactly as I wanted it to turn out and I love wearing it with my brown boots. As I doubt spring will make an appearance anytime soon, so hopefully I can enjoy wearing it for a few more weeks.

Do you guys have any favorite wrap dress patterns?

My Valentine’s Day Dress – The Vintage Shirtdress

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and welcome to my brand new blog!  =D

Now to be fair, I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Mister thinks it’s a silly capitalistic invention to sell sappy cards, chocolates and flowers… he might be right.. but this girl actually likes chocolates, sappy cards and flowers! So this year we went for a meal (we actually went on Saturday, as the Mister had to fly back to Germany on Sunday – BOOO! for long distance relationships!) and I thought this would be a fantastic occasion for a new dress!

If you’ve been following me on IG for the past few years, you know how much I love The Vintage Shirtdress by Sewoverit. The pattern has a wonderful notched collar, cuffed elbow length sleeves, super swishy skirt and looks lovely in any fabric.


I chose this poly-cotton heart fabric from Adam Ross, which has been in my stash since last year, when I and my good pal Victoria visited their premises in Birmingham. I marveled at their unbelievable stock, it’s like IKEA for fabrics, I kid you not! They have a wonderful selection of fabrics (check out their viscose section, it’s to die for) and a very lovely team running the enterprise (hello Jas!), so check them out!blog2

Coming back to the pattern, I cut out a size 8, going by the finished measurements and using a 1 cm seam allowance instead of a 1.5 cm seam allowance, to be very honest, I should have sized up, which I will, if I make another sleeveless version in summer. I lengthened the bodice by 1 inch which is a pretty standard adjustment I make on all my garments and I also lengthened the skirt by 1 inch because my last version was a bit short. I serged all the raw seams, because I love it, when the insides are as pretty as the outsides.dsc04606-1

I even made self-covered buttons for the first time in my life – they are not perfect, but I still think they are rather cute. I kept some scrap fabric, so I might actually redo the buttons in the future…or not. I did sew in a tiny snap between the first and second button, to ensure that there would be no “wardrobe malfunction”(!!!), which worked out really well.


So if you haven’t tried this pattern …DO IT! I cannot recommend it enough. All in all this dress is a winner – did you guys sew anything for Valentine’s Day?

PS: If any of you know how to change the font color into white, please let me know… I knowthe text is bleeding into the picture… I just have no idea how to change it!